Welcome one and all to the FLYKNIFE COMIX WEBZONE. Here you will find all the neat deets and slick tricks you’ll need to fight R.A.N.C.O.U.R and Commander Zeta on the streets of HALIFAX_1. Deck fast, Deckers, the Apocalypse Clock is ticking.

  1. Unfinished Business
  3. Hackin' Bruce's Shit
  4. update --news -b -hal=con
  5. update --news -b
  6. deploy --comic SG-Ricky1.cmc
  7. run --con HAL
  8. boot | run
  9. mv comics/.*
  10. Borken Telephone: Album Review
  11. Re: big box o' comics
  12. update witness.thoughts
  13. cat witness.thoughts
  14. update projects.txt
  15. run bowie.thoughts
  16. run news.scan
  17. run
  18. extract
  19. run news.scan
  20. view business-plan.doc
  21. initialize flyknife.exe