Here it is, your too-late-to-be-useful reminder that I’ll be at Geequinox this coming weekend! I’ll be at table 17, right next to hacker scuzzbag and personal friend Christian Dewolf, selling comic books in a variety of patterns and colours for your immediate intravenous consumption.

Just so’s you know how much cash to bring, here’s a quick rundown on pricing:
Kobra Stallion Vol. 2: Radical Astral Tilt … $30
Starbreakers: Gunstar Runaways of the Rebel Sky Vol.1 … $25
Any individual STONR GARBAGE issue … $15

And because I’m such a nice guy, there are DEALS too! Head on down to the DEAL ZONE, spend less money and GET MORE STUFF!
KS2 and SB1 together … $50
Any 2 STONR GARBAGE issues … $25
Any 3 STONR GARBAGE issues … $30
Any 4 STONR GARBAGE issues … $35
All 6 books … $60

We also have a Starbreakers poster that’s $10 or free with any purchase that includes Starbreakers. And, per usual, I’ll be drawing stupid drawings through the day which will be free with any purchase if you’re into that stuff like that.

ALSO! Please note that while Kobra Stallion 1 and the Jam are not available for hard-copy sale, they are both totally free on this very site right here at this link. Read them and find out if you like them! Sick of people comin’ by my table not knowin’ if they want my wares or not. I’m a busy man! Have a little respect!

Can’t wait to see you all there!