Long Overdue Update

WOW, SO, it’s been a minute, huh?

Let me give you the rundown- a couple years back you’ll recall that the last update from the Flyknife Comics Mobile HQ was that we were heading up the Scotian Archipelago to Neo-Sydney, deep in the dark and foreboding metaphorest (metaphorical forest) of the Lawless Zone. The Lawless Zone has long been a haven for dirtbags like me, owing to their strict non-adherence to the Binary Order’s, uh, orders. Long story short, it’s the perfect place for folks who like their coffee strong and their justice sharp, like all Flyknife Fans do.

So it happens that as we’re making our way back, what should pop off but a timequake of truly ridiculous proportions. We had to spin up C.H.R.I.S to get a full read on it, but it looks like back in 2020 (subjective standard timeline) you all got hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, an event of such massive import that it had repercussions well into the past AND several distinct futures- including mine, where I make my living! Yikes!

Now don’t get too worried about me- the Mobile HQ is hardened against timequakes. The only thing I had to deal with was a whole lotta bad vibes and a head wound so big I think my skull’s developed a fault line. That last one is from when Christian popped the median on the highway back and crashed the Mobile HQ square into an oncoming ultra-truck. Just between you and me, I think he’s been waiting for an excuse to do that ever since we installed the cowcatcher module. That’s what I get for falling asleep with him at the wheel, I guess!

Turns out, though, that the pandemic’s effects on the timeline, collapsing so many waveforms at once, means that the messages I’ve been sending haven’t been getting through. C.H.R.I.S is calling it a chrono-synclastic indifundibulum, which I’m pretty sure he stole from a book, but it gets the point across pretty well. Which means that from your perspective, Flyknife Comics has been incommunicado for the better part of three of your years! You must’ve been losing your minds back there! Seems like all the dope stuff I’ve been sending just hasn’t been making it! Even our Twitter interface crashed out on us, and that thing’s always been- well, not exactly reliable, but… it’s always BEEN, at least. And now we’re getting word from your time stream that Twitter might be on the outs too? Holy toledo, man, you miss a little, you miss a lot.

Look, first off, don’t worry. I’ve got it on pretty good authority that there’s strong odds of you guys- collectively- making it through this. Broader social acceptance of trans people was a good start, that’s usually a keystone indicator of a healthy timeline- keep that one rolling. And it doesn’t hurt that furries are less frowned on too. Keep your hand on the wheel and your foot on the gas pedal and you’ll get through this in one piece.

Second, don’t worry about me either. Like I said, the Mobile HQ is fine, I’m fine, I didn’t go anywhere and I’ve still been working! It just hasn’t been making it through to you. Nobody’s fault, just the timestream getting thready. As soon as we noticed, we started charting new routes back through time to you, so we should be stable for a little while, anyway.

Third, with our Twitter interface mostly chunked out, we’re gonna consolidate updates to this site. We’ll keep the parts that kick these news blasts over to Twitter, but I think I’m gonna let Christian scrap the rest for parts. I guess there’s a lot of lithium in the Twitter interface. Like, a LOT. More than I thought there’d be. It’s like, 90% lithium in there; I don’t actually know how it works. Anyway, I think he either wants to smelt it into a mineral egg or sell it on the black market. Could go either way. I don’t ask, and he doesn’t tell!

Fourth, what am I even working on? Well, there’s a sixth STONR GARBAGE in the works; inks approaching done on that. Starbreakers 3 is also in the works, but the Starbreakers Creation Interface was another thing that got turfed in the timequake so, I dunno. Might have to do something special and different with that one. We’ll have to see! I’m also working on a novel. That’s right, your boy does prose too. I mess with novels here and there but usually they get a second string to comics. I’m enjoying fiddling with this one while I take a little break from drawing, though, so we’ll see how it develops. It’s a mystery! By which I mean it’s a mystery novel, not itself a mystery.

One other great thing that came out of the timequake is that BDQ, the blockchain that Christian set up to handle all the administrative decisions, has completely tanked out. That thing was eating up a LOT of the Mobile HQ’s processing power- at LEAST 64Kb. I had to download three new sticks worth of RAM just to keep the lights on out here! But now that BDQ’s bit the dust, I have a lot more extra processing speed to work with. Christian will be sad it’s gone, but I think he’ll perk up when he sees the copper I bought for him. That wolf loves him some minerals. I think probably the lithium in the Twitter interface will also cheer him up. I… I really should double check on his investments, now that I think about it. What HAS he been getting up to since the timequake?

Well, whatever. I’ll try to keep you updated at least once a month, noble Flyknife Fans! STAY VIGILANT, STAY VALIANT!

Rock and roll,