Hackin' Bruce's Shit

Christian here! Bruce hasn’t written a blog post in a while, so, with his business interests in mind, I’m taking it upon myself to inject one into his code.

Bruce and I are going to be showing up at the Spring Geequinox at the Halifax Forum the weekend of April 14-15th, which is a great time to come down and buy our stuff. We’ll be at different tables, but will be no doubt in communication through our dedicated Linux-based devices. (don’t worry – we’re not hacking YOUR shit, just each others’)

I’ll say right now that Bruce’s books are of superior quality and highly readable. You should invest some money (ie. put some money into his vest) and then take a book of the same value. You’ll probably like it, and if not, you’ve definitely got a cool cousin or budding protégé who would. When was the last time you did something for THEM? You parasite.

Speaking of, I’m also selling books, and you can buy those, too. I mean, maybe you can. I’m pretty exclusive about who I sell to. Don’t take it personally – it’s called getting supply-sided. Can’t argue with pure market forces.

Anyway, see you there or something.

Sorry Bruce for hacking your blog and calling your readers parasites,