update projects.txt

Hey Gang! Get stoked, ‘cuz I’m throwing an update your way about all the projects I’ve been workin’ on this month! Decide what excites you the most, and then GET EXCITED ABOUT IT.


The sequel to Kobra Stallion 1: Reptile Justice in the Stars. It picks up right where Kobra Stallion 1 left off. Our favourite Zap Jockeys, Gunsmoke and Leningrad, are missing, and Earth is too busy recovering to look for them. Meanwhile, Elegy Williams and Rishi Everson set out to find Rishi’s missing husband, Calico- but that’s not all that they find! And when RPC reveals his secret motives, the stage is set for the knock-down drag-out fight that’ll save- or destroy- the galaxy! The odds are longer, the fives are higher, and the Zap-Fu is tighter than it’s ever been! I hope y’all like Snakepunk, on account of that’s what I got.

The script is, barring major editorial review, as close to done as it’ll ever be. We can always tweak these things indefinitely, but at a certain point you just have to accept it. I’ll start the drawing in February, and hopefully be done the whole thing by sometime in August. As with Kobra Stallion 1, we’ll be launching at Hal-Con (with any luck). Bring your copy of Kobra Stallion 1 for a discount (size of discount will be dependent on the price of the book, yet to be determined).

I’m really excited about Kobra Stallion 2. High-flyin’ action abounds alongside the humour you’ve all come to know and love, plus a handful of fun new characters that I can’t wait to debut. This is a big one, and I think you’re really gonna like it.


OK, so at last year’s Hal-Con Cobalt and I were getting pretty goofy by the end, what with havin’ been on our feet pretty much all weekend. I started drawing stupid things and sliding them over the table to him, wordlessly. One of these was a picture of a dude in a fursuit gettin’ high with the words “DON’T GO 2 SCHOOL” in big bubble letters around him. This was enough to make Cobalt laugh for, like, ten seconds, so I’m spinnin’ it out into a whole big dumb thing- STONR GARBAGE, the story of a miserable town full of animal-people (and one dude in a fursuit), who have nothing to do but get high and wallow in the banality of small-town life. It’s less a narrative and more a collection of bizarre gags, silly drawings, and stupid crap; more of an art zine than an actual book. It’s set in an ambiguously located (but probably Maritime Canadian) small town and focuses on a core group of characters- an unnamed lion girl and bird fella who hang out, get high, and don’t go 2 school; the well-intentioned and put-upon Stellarton Crendle; the unflappable Ricky Thousand-Joints; and the mysterious Fursuit Dude, who owns the DON’T GO 2 SCHOOL arcade. Pay a visit to this broken town and hope you can find a way out. There’s something evil lurking under the surface, but it probably doesn’t matter.

I’m still working on getting issue 1 spun up, but expect it sometime this Spring.


Alright, so I got really depressed a few nights ago and, to cheer myself up, I started drawing the absolute dumbest thing I could think of. I’m gonna level with you- it’s an extended SWAT Kats sendup about the 420th Squadron operating out of Cuddles AFB, under the command of the cocaine-addled Colonel Victory Shadowtuft. It chronicles the adventures of lovable characters like Wing Commander Cryogenics Rectangular-Prism, Captain Armadillo Wingcommander, and Super Colonel Skinner Riggs. I’m not going to pretend it’s good, funny, or anything other than the comic book equivalent of white noise; as such, when it’s done, I’ll be making it available for free on the site. It’s like Hanna-Barbera got the rights to Gravity’s Rainbow. It is somehow, miraculously, even dumber than STONR GARBAGE. I may not even do it. Stay tuned.

That’s what’s on the Flyknife Comics docket for the next little while. I’ll have previews up in the coming weeks, so keep on watching the site and see what turns up!