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What’s it doin’, kids and skids, and how did it get in my house? Seriously, though, good to see you all again.

By the time all of you all have read this, Geequinox will be well and truly underway! Sorry for the short notice, but hey, that’s just how I roll down here at FKCHQ (which is to say, ‘inconveniently’). Still, Geequinox runs today and tomorrow, so you’ve got the chance to make a face-to-face happen, if that’s your thing.

Prices are pretty standard, by now I think you all know the drill: $20 for a copy of Kobra Stallion Volume 2; $10 for a copy of STONR GARBAGE Tape 2. $5 for a copy of STONR GARBAGE Tape 1, but buy both other books and get it for free, while supplies last. And those supplies may not- we’re running dry of SG Tape 1s, and we’ve only got 30 copies of Tape 2 to spare, so cross your fingers and bust out your wallets. Plus- as always- I’ll be making non-commissioned sketches on the spot for $5 a pop, or free with any other purchase.

What’s new in News that doesn’t include conventions and my presence or absence there? We’ve finally recovered the legendary 38th page of STARBREAKERS, which is behind where we wanted to be this year, but hey, what else is new? Recovery is slow work. I’d love to show you guys some PIX, but unfortunately my camera’s been eating wheaties for the last few months, so what can you do? I’ll see what I can do about rectifying that ASAP (as soon as PERILOUS).

Speaking of PERILOUS, we’ve also started doing drawing prompts, where we hit up the GRIDD for suggestions and feed them into our DRAWING ENGINE (the cybernetic appendage at the end of my arm). Here’s what we’ve churned out so far (for the prompts ‘the creeping realization that the entities that created a situation will not be the ones to resolve it amicably’, and ‘frogs with human teeth’, respectively).

Drawing Prompt 1
Drawing Prompt 2


Anyway, that’ll do it for today. I will say this, tho: now that we’ve got this “Local Instance” up and running, I’ve got a lot more freedom to tool around inside the C.H.R.I.S system and there’s some weird stuff down there. I’ll show you what I mean when I can recover it.