update --news -b -hal=con


Now that Hal-Con’s done and I’ve been rendered totally unable to meaningfully interact with human beings, let’s do one of these news blasts. I should really do more of these, but most of the time they’re just ‘Hey, drew a bunch of pages.’ I guess that’s the sort of thing you come here for, though? We’ll figure it out.

Anyway, if you’re seeing this, there’s a nonzero chance that you pulled a DATACARD at Hal-Con and are new to the Flyknife Comics… thing, universe, whatever it is we’re doing. So, lemme run it down.

My name is Electricity, and I run this pirated datastream with my comedy/hacking partner Cobalt. Between fighting Commander Zeta in the Binary Order, in the Long Dark Night of Halifax-1, we run a small data bootlegging service, using the Cyber Halberd Reactive Intelligence System (C.H.R.I.S) to transmit comedy from other universes. Sometimes we can beam ourselves into other universe. Sometimes that universe is yours.

All of my work is documented in the Flyknife Comics Cyber-Librarium (accessible from the header nav), or on my Tapastic page (tapas.io/brucedelo), which I’m sundowning as we speak (I don’t like their TOS or UX). If you wanna read high-concept sci-fi rigmarole, park your e-trailer in The Valiant Stars. If you’re more into free-associative furry drug nightmares, STONR GARBAGE is your jam. If you’re totally new- like, say, if you just bought Starbreakers at Hal-Con, then you’ll probably want to zip over and read The Life Comix 2014 Chilled-Out Summertime Jam, then Kobra Stallion Volume 1. Kobra Stallion Volume 2 is inbound- I was gonna put it up on Tapastic, but the whole TOS thing kinda burgered that mess. Anyway, stick around here for updates. They ARE coming. I know the dates on these things are really spaced out, but it’s been a weird year. Keep your ear to the ground. And if you want more rapid-fire updates, hit my backup stream on Twitter @FlyknifeComics. And above all else, stay safe out there- Rogue Cryptograms know when you’re not watching.