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Well honk, and also, good morning, kids and skids! Long time no see, but now that Cobalt’s got me set up with this wicked fancy-pants new “local instance” I’m hoping we can keep the lights on a little longer.

See, ever since the Battery went nuclear and the Binary Order’s been cracking down on unauthorized GRIDDs, keeping any kind of a Zone presence up and running is a regular pain in the proverbial. But Cobalt’s been hacking away at the C.H.R.I.S architecture, and I think he managed to tap into some functionality that’s going to let us sustain our very own GRIDD right here in the Rock. Very exciting stuff! Hats off to our resident cybersamurai for puttin’ the Binary Order in ATARI.

So, what’s new? Well, Cobalt and I are gonna be hittin’ up Geequinox this year- that’s just this next month, less I miss my guess, so buff up your best Sundays and get ready for the breakdown!

We’ve also got a new comic up over at the TAPASTIC GRIDD! Hit the link to read an all-new, all-hot, all-DANGEROUS STONR GARBAGE JOINT: Ricky Thousand-Joints Gets A Little Too High, Part 1.

Also, in case you want to spend your hard-earned ZONE DOLLARS on my comics, you can now throw them in my PATREON, if you’re the kind of highfalutin’ high-stepper who can afford to do such a thing without breaking stride.

And other than that, Starbreakers is still underway, ticking its way ever closer to being a real thing that you can hold in your hands and press against your face. Really feel the adventure in your skin.

Till next time, Zone-Hounds,