Re: big box o' comics

Hey Bruce,

Sorry I missed your call last night – I was reconciling some bank statements, and was totally in-the-zone. God, I hardly slept a wink with that buzz going through me.

Anyway, Hyperpunks? Yeah, I read a few issues, but lord knows why you’d want to get your hands on them. The writing was awful and the art haphazard. Plus, I thought everybody kind of boycotted them after that one issue where all the protagonists were really callous about wearing fur coats? I certainly got rid of the ones I had. One of them broke my damn shredder.

But in your message you sounded pretty frantic, so I went and looked through that big crate of comic books I found behind the grain elevators. And you’re in luck, because not only did I find a handful of issues, I found a probably rare French translation of one, Les Déviants d’Hyper #77: Le Cambriolage dans L’Allée de Bowling. Probably worth a yachtload in mint condition, but this copy is filthy. Smells like rats.

I’ll wrap ‘em up for you to pick up next time you swing by the office. Still – can’t imagine why you want these. It goes against everything I believe, but I’m not even going to charge you for them. I just hope you’re doing alright.