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Hi all,

WOW has it ever been a while. Got lost out in the data-boonies for a little while but I’m back in action with big-ass news! So as you may have heard if you pay as much attention to the GRIDDWAVES as I do, I’ll be a guest at this year’s Hal-Con! Guess they couldn’t ignore my star power (or my frantic, grovelling e-mails) anymore. Me and the D(eWolf) will be there in full force to hawk our wares straight into your face! I’ll be selling copies of KOBRA STALLION 2: RADICAL ASTRAL TILT, plus whatever I’ve got left of STONR GARBAGE 1 and KOBRA STALLION: REPTILE JUSTICE IN THE STARS; Christian, on the other hand, will be packing copies of the first book in his latest trilogy, SNAPBACK! It’s a Go thing, apparently.

If you can’t wait until November to see me, though, I’ve got upcoming appearances at two other places in the months prior. I’ll be at Halifax’s Word on the Street festival (on behalf of Hal-Con) on September 17th, and also, I’ll be making an appearance at the Halifax Zine Fair on October 20th. At both instances you will be able to see and approach me, and exchange a few words, perhaps? Depends on the words you’ve got and if they’re any good.

Sorry this front has been so dead lately- I have been very busy working on Kobra Stallion 2- this thing is nearly 100 pages longer than Kobra Stallion 1 and although I’m almost done the inks, there’s still a long way to go. Don’t worry, though- we’re getting this thing done and out the door in time for the con, or my name isn’t ELECTRICITY!

Also, don’t forget, as of now, you can read all of my comics on my Tapastic page! That includes Kobra Stallion 1, which you should totally read if you plan to get Kobra Stallion 2, being that they are sequels and all.

Other than that, hope to see you in the driftwaves!