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THE LIFE COMIX 2014 CHILLED-OUT SUMMERTIME JAM: The original Snakepunk comic. Originally published for Hal-Con 2014, the Jam represents the triumphant return of the 90s’ hottest fandom. Get Jazz.

KOBRA STALLION: The original Snakepunk adventure returns! Read Kobra Stallion part one for free at the above link, or go to the Kobra Stallion Infozone to learn more about an adventure nine-billion years in the making!

STONR GARBAGE: Stop by the picturesque town of Gordon Downs for a spell. Kick up your feet and laugh along with classic characters like Ricky Thousand-Joints, Ricky Thousand-Joints’ Doppelganger, and Stellarton Crendle in this zany, drug fuelled comedy about loneliness, alienation, and the crushing fear that all agency is illusory.

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