Wanna read Kobra Stallion right away? Don’t care about the lore? Just bought KOBRA STALLION VOLUME 2 and can’t wait to experience the vivid rapture of Snakepunk for the first time? Hit the links below and LIVE THE ADVENTURE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER LIVED IT BEFORE!

Read The Life Comix 2014 Chilled-Out Summertime Jam
Read Kobra Stallion Volume 1: Reptile Justice in the Stars
Read Kobra Stallion Volume 2: Radical Astral Tilt (Upload in progress)

The Original Snakepunk Adventure Returns

In 1989, the most revolutionary television show ever produced was broadcast.

It ran for a single season of 67 episodes, and was cancelled following low ratings.

Now, Flyknife Comics has reached into the past and brought it back to life. Reinvisioned for a whole new generation of Snakepunks, it’s…

Kobra Stallion Logo

THRILL at the impossible story of the war that came to the Kaplan Sector and rocked humanity’s understanding of the universe. LIVE the adventure with your favourite characters from the beloved 1989 TV series, like guerilla journalist Elegy Williams, battle-hardened Jenner Belasco, and of course, ZAP JOCKEYS Captain Gunsmoke and Snakes Leningrad. Amid the hail of missile fire, the thunder of mass driver rounds, and the flash and dazzle of Zap-Fu fights, Gunsmoke and Leningrad prove it again: you ain’t never seen LOVABLE SCAMPS(TM) like these!

From a music festival disrupted by the hands of alien gods, to the vast neon cityscape of Klaxon Prime, to the cold reaches of space aboard the BLUES TRAVELLER, Flyknife Comics is pleased to present the Original Snakepunk Adventure in 3 volumes: The Life Comix 2014 Chilled-Out Summertime Jam, Kobra Stallion Volume 1: Reptile Justice in the Stars, and Kobra Stallion Volume 2: Radical Astral Tilt.

The Kobra Stallion Story

In 1989, Laughing Lizard Productions- at that time, floundering financially and on the brink of collapse- attempted a desperate reinvention of a handful of its lesser properties. Reaching desperately to the absolute bottom of their barrel, Laughing Lizard dredged up three series that had, collectively, not ran for more than 8 episodes. They were CAPTAIN GUNSMOKE AND THE REBELS OF GHISCARD 9, THE LENINGRAD & BURKE EXERCISE POWER HOUR, and OHAYO GOZAIMASU: KILL IN THE NAME OF GOD.


A Kobra Stallion screencap

KOBRA STALLION was as visionary as it was audacious, as risky as it was revelatory. A madcap vision of a neon-soaked future populated with noble dragon knights, bureaucracy-addled fungus people, villains of limitless cruelty and tragic pathos, and of course, the high-flying space wizards themselves, the Zap Jockeys, who drew their power from the darkness between stars, and in a universe of uncertain morals and lethal dangers, still managed to embody the Promethean flame of hope.

Alas, it was too much, too soon for the world- and too little, too late, for Laughing Lizard. Censors felt that the show’s ambiguous morals and frequent violence were too transgressive for a children’s show. Parents were divided on the show’s strongly pro-diversity message, which embraced a variety of alternative lifestyles still considered uncommon and shameful at the time. Reviewers found the dialogue stilted and unconvincingly delivered, and the animation hurried and low-budget. And audiences, for the most part, weren’t interested in staying up for its 2:00AM time slot. Laughing Lizard’s finances never recovered, and in a matter of months, they folded. The last episode of any Laughing Lizard show ever aired was KOBRA STALLION’s 67th episode, The Last Flight of the Escher Zero, Part 3. And for many years, it seemed that KOBRA STALLION, for all its forward-looking futurism, would be lost to generations yet to come.

A screencap from Kobra Stallion

It wouldn’t be until 2014, and a fateful meeting between Flyknife Comics’ Bruce Delo and the former head of Laughing Lizard, Trent B. Mondegreene, that Kobra Stallion would come to light again.

In the spirit of the original Kobra Stallion, ours is a reinvention- a reinterpretation of the themes, characters, and ideas from the original show. Our Jenner may be a little sharper around the edges, our Elegy a little spunkier, our Calico a little dreamier. But we still strive to stand for the themes and ideals for which Laughing Lizard made a stand for in 1989: that heroism is born into us all, that love requires and rewards courage, that ‘funny’ needn’t be the opposite of ‘serious’, and that hope is never lost- not while they still live who choose to hope.

We hope you find it as revolutionary now as it was then.


Electricity here, kids and skids! Ever since Cobalt got the servers back up and running over here, we’ve been finding all kinds of cool stuff from way back when Flyknife Comcis got started, in the early 21st century. I’ve mirrored the comics they’re talking about at the links below.

Where To Read It

Both The Life Comix 2014 Chilled-Out Summertime Jam and Kobra Stallion Volume 1: Reptile Justice in the Stars are available for free, in their entirety, on Tapastic!

Read The Life Comix 2014 Chilled-Out Summertime Jam
Read Kobra Stallion Volume 1: Reptile Justice in the Stars
Read Kobra Stallion Volume 2: Radical Astral Tilt (Upload in progress)

We’re currently in the process of uploading Kobra Stallion 2 to the INTERNET. Want to read it earlier? A $2 pledge to The Flyknife Comics Patreon will net you an immediate digital copy. Plus, you will get unlimited lifetime access to subsequent books in the series when they are released.